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Bracha jewelry is glamorous and trendy, but the best part about it is the love and passion of the two sisters who started the brand. Sayra and Michelle combined their wildly different styles. They created a coveted, natural stone jewelry brand that combines top-quality stones and gold-filled mixed metals to offer designs that appeal to women of all generations! Bracha started as a home-based business, born in 2012, and now its products are sold in retailers and stores nationwide. But it's not all fashion and business with these ladies–Sayra and Michelle are so dedicated to ending human trafficking that they donate a portion of the proceeds from EVERY sale to eradicate it. Be a part of something bigger than yourself by wearing Bracha jewelry today!

Bracha has pieces to suit every woman's tastes and styles. The brand is committed to making jewelry accessible to everyone and transcends the fashion season so it can be worn no matter what the current trends are. If Sayra and Michelle don't love it or wouldn't wear it, they don't make it.

The team behind Bracha jewelry believes that every woman deserves to feel both beautiful and free, which is why they mindfully create pieces to reveal a woman's style and personality, reminding her of her beauty both inside and out. At the same time, whenever a woman buys and wears a bracelet or necklace from Bracha, they help create a world of hope for young children, women, and men around the world–a world where they can be free and safe.

Bracha jewelry makes great gifts for the kind and powerful women in your life because it sparks conversations and raises awareness around one of the most devastating problems happening today. Give your people the gift of advocacy and ambassadorship for the victims of human trafficking, and help be a part of making the world a better place, all while looking fierce and fabulous all fashion season.

Have any questions about our favorite luxe jewelry? We'd love to hear from you–give us a call or send us a text.

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