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Hey babes! We hope you are staying safe and enjoying your WFH life! As we move into another week of working from home, we thought we would let you in on our top tips for working from home along with what styles we are currently loving and what binge worthy podcast and TV shows we are currently watching and listening to! We hope this helps make your time at home much more productive and fun! 



Top WFH Tip:

Make your bed and get dressed each morning! Even if you change out of comfy clothes, into new comfy clothes, it's important to feel put together as it sets the tone for your day! My day is significantly better when I like my outfit, even if no one sees it but me! 


Currently living in:

Our new Mama Sweatshirt! I love the tees too!


Currently Watching:

We just finished the new season of intense!




Creative Manager

Currently Watching:

Right now I’m loving Outlander and Mad Men! I guess, period dramas are my thing right now?

Currently Listening To:

I’ve loved listening to The ABeautifulMess Podcast! Their podcast is light in a season that can feel seriously heavy at times! Plus, the episodes are short and sweet.

Currently Reading:

I’ve usually got several books going at once. I just finished up The Upside of Being Down by Jen Gotch (who is the founder of lifestyle brand It was a quick and #relatable read that chronicles her mental health journey and touches on the subjects of being a female founder, relationships, and creativity!

What are you loving / living in right now?

I’m living in cute and comfy clothes - including joggers, pullovers, soft cardigans, and sneakers! My most recent #shopimpressions purchase was The Ansley Sneaker - a shoe that is comfy enough to wear around the house (instead of slippers all the time), but still makes me feel like I have on a complete outfit.

Top WFH tip:

My best tip for WFH is to try to stick to a routine and to set-up a dedicated space for work. The first few days I didn’t have a real “work space,” but afterwards I set-up a cute little corner in our guest room and it has worked out 100x better for productivity and focus! It allows for work/life separation and it helps if it's a space you feel inspired to be in!




Top WFH tip: 

My best tip for working from home is to find time to step away from the desk or couch or wherever your home office space is! Take a walk to your mailbox or clean out your car or organize something. These random tasks help my mind refocus and take a break!


Currently loving: 

All of our new comfy jumpsuits and rompers! We have them in so many styles, and I want them all. The perfect outfit to feel put together but still comfy for while I’m working from home. 


Currently watching: 

Community and New Girl!


Currently listening:

Kacey Musgraves


Currently reading: 

Liturgy of the Ordinary. This is a super great read for this season! it encourages me to find purpose and meaning even in the most ordinary parts of my day.






Graphic Designer


Top WFH tip: 

Take a couple minutes everyday to go outside and get some fresh air and sunshine!


Currently loving: 

Quay x Jlo Reina Cat Eye Sunnies in Black!


Currently Reading:

The Sky is Everywhere


Currently Watching: 

Bones and Tiger King


Currently Listening To: 

The Office Ladies and MFM






Things that are giving me life as I work from home: 

Opening the windows, lighting all my candles, surrounding myself with plants!


Currently listening to: 

"Armchair Expert with Dax Shepherd" and "The Daily" to stay up to date on the news, I like that they also sprinkle in some inspirational and encouraging episodes too!


Currently loving/living: 

In bandanas and head scarves! For some reason they make me feel like I'm ready to get down to business when I put them on ️



Marketing Assistant


Top WFH Tip: 

Open your blinds and let natural light in, and if the weather is nice, open your windows and play happy music!


Currently Living in/ Loving: 

Loving fresh flowers and living in matching lounge sets!


Listening To: 

True crime podcasts or Women In Pop Radio on Pandora!  


Fave Impressions style right now

Girl boss trousers and casual denim with a basic white tee





Top WFH Tip: 

To do my hair or get dressed every morning so I feel more productive!


Currently loving: 

CEO Material High Waist Trousers!




Lead Photographer


Top WFH Tip: 

Take a break outside! Maybe go for a walk around the neighborhood or do a fun workout!


Currently living in/loving: 

Joggers and a hoodie all day every day


 Currently watching: 

Season 3 of Ozark




Content Strategist

Top WFH Tip: 

Light candles, create a calm space to work and try to create a space where you can be productive and creative! 

Fave Impressions style right now: 

I’m loving all the denim and graphic tees! Also obsessed with the leopard print dresses we have right now. So cute and casual! 

Currently living in/loving: 

Living in leggings and oversized sweatshirts and sweaters! Loving time with my husband! Trying to find all the ways to make this time fun even though we can’t leave our house! Lots of movie nights and car dates and walking our dog Barney!

Currently Watching: 

Re-watching Gilmore Girls for like the 100th time, Superstore, and re-watching The Office! We also binged watched Tiger King which was a crazy ride to say the least and I watched the Netflix documentary on Bethany Hamilton and it was so inspirational! 

Currently Listening to:  music- Been on an Alabama Shakes and Mumford and Sons kick here lately! Also find that starting my day with worship music is life giving! Loving the song “Way Maker” by Leeland. I also find that listening to Lizzo and Beyonce when I need to get focused, helps me be more productive!

Podcast- The Office Ladies is for sure a favorite right now! Jenna Fisher and Angela Martin recap The Office which is why we’re re-watching it again! 

We hope that our WFH tips help and that you find yourself being more productive this week! But, also that you find moments to have grace for yourself in getting fresh air, opening the windows and lighting candles and trying to make the best of the situation!  Keep looking out for more new arrivals launching every day at 9 am CST and stay healthy and safe! We’ll see you on our social media! 


Impressions Online Team!