What the hair?! Messy Top Knot Tutorial August 18, 2017 16:55 1 Comment

OMG! Your favorite top knot is here! We are all #obsessed with model Rakå’s messy top knot! Since you all asked, we have put together the ultimate tutorial on how to achieve this bombshell look! As her go-to look, Rakå rocks this up-do for any occasion!

Follow these simple steps for a runway worthy look!! 

STEP 1: Starting with your usual clean, fresh hair and curling iron (or wand) begin curling your hair in sections! You can use any size iron based on your curling preference, but we used a 1” Hot Tools curling iron. Work your way from the scalp down, alternating the direction and tightness of the curls to create flawless beachy waves! Brush through the curls with a comb to relax and even out the curls!

STEP 2: TEASE! Once your hair is curled, begin teasing! Volume is KEY for creating the end look! Add volume through the top and spray with hairspray or teasing spray to bump up the volume!

    STEP 3: Now, section off the top part of your hair into a pony. A good point of reference is your brow arches! This will help you when creating the parts! Secure the pony up high with an elastic. You’re almost ready to create the bun!

    STEP 4: TEASE. TEASE. TEASE. One of the most important steps is teasing the pony you just created! This will help make the bun fluffy and bouncy!

    STEP 5: Start wrapping! Beginning at the top of the pony, being wrapping your hair around the elastic loosely. Secure with bobby pins as you go! Wrap that babe up until you reach the end of the pony!

      STEP 6: Now that you have the bun . . . FLUFF IT! Pull lightly on the hair you just wrapped around to keep up the volume and create a legendary bun!


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