How To Tie Dye April 14, 2020 07:28


Hey Babes! We don’t know about you but we’ve been loving doing all the Pinterest projects lately! With tie-dye being our absolute favorite trend this Spring, we thought we would show you how you can make your own tie-dye tee at home! 



Supplies needed:

  • Your fave white tee, tank or sweatshirt
  • Tie dye kit (most include rubber bands and dye, gloves)
  • Plastic gloves (if your kit doesn’t include them)
  • Aluminum Tray (optional - but it keeps the mess contained)



Use one of your fave basic tees or white tops. We linked some of our faves here!

  1. Pinch and pull fabric up to where you want the center to be

      2. Wrap a rubber band tightly around pinched fabric forming a "tube" shape

      3. Place additional rubber bands around the fabric (up to five) depending on the design you want

      4. Apply the dye to your shirt! Don’t forget to have fun and get creative!

      5. Cover the dyed shirt in plastic wrap to keep damp

      6. Let the shirt set for 6-8 hours. This is a great evening activity, since you  can let it set overnight and check it in the morning!

      7. Un-do your rubber bands and rinse thoroughly and wash! 

We hope you enjoy making your tie dye tee at home! So shop our basics and get started! If it turns into a complete Pinterest fail (trust us, we’ve all been there!) - be sure to shop our tie-dye collection to get exactly the tie-dye look you’re after! Be sure to comment below to let us know how your tie dye tee craft goes! 


Impressions Online Team