How To Rock A Hair Scarf 5 Ways! June 23, 2018 07:00

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An accessory we can’t get enough of this summer is the hair scarf! The hair scarf trend adds such a fun little touch to any outfit you are wearing and is so easy to pull off no matter which ‘do you’re donning! The best part? Hair scarves are amazingly versatile and can be styled so many ways! n this blog post we want to show you all the ways we love wearing this trendy scarf! The scarf we used in this post is our new Savannah Scarf! The gorgeous top is our Sunshine Eyelet Shift Tee in Airy Blue! Our model had curled her hair previously but, you can style your hair however you want to start.


Take It Up A Notch

The first way to wear the hair scarf is by tying it up in a high ponytail! All you need to do to create this effortless look is roll the scarf from corner to corner to make it into an accessory that can easily wrap around your ponytail holder. Next, put your hair in a high ponytail, then wrap the bandana starting from the corners. Lastly, wrap the scarf around the ponytail, tie, and pull.That’s it - so easy!


Not Your Average Messy Bun

We know you all love a good messy bun,but now we have a way you can dress it up in two second flats! You can check out our go-to messy bun tutorial to see how to make the best messy bun. Once you have your perfect messy bun in place, take the scarf and wrap twice around the bun. Pro tip: We used bobby pins to get the perfect bun! Lastly, you’ll want to take the end pieces of the scarf and tie once around. So adorable!


Elegant and Effortless

This next look is so darling and perfect for a lover of low maintenance looks! Take your hair and put it into a low side ponytail. Next, take your scarf and wrap it around the low pony, making sure to cover your hair elastic. Once the scarf is securely wrapped, tie it into a relaxed bow. Now all that is left to do is fluff the bow a little by slightly pulling on the loops on both sides. This makes for such a sweet look and takes next to no time! If you’d really like to amplify this look, we love the way the ponytail looks curled with a 1” wand.


Wrap It Up

We simply adore this next look! Can anyone say retro vibes?! The side wrap is another option when you have your hair in a high ponytail. You’ll want to fold your scarf over before you start this look, especially if your scarf in on the wider side.Take your scarf and wrap it around your head. Then tie the scarf once at the crown of your head. Once you are pleased with the way it is tied and it feels secure, move the scarf so that the knot lays slightly below your ear. If your scarf feels like it could slide off your head, secure with bobby pins.


Pretty & Perfect

This next look is one of our absolute favorite ways to sport the scarf trend; with our hair down! It’s so easy! All you have to do is style your hair the way you want, then take the scarf, roll it corner to corner, and then tie the scarf once to secure it on your head. Once it’s secure, tie it once more into a stylish double knot. This makes for an effortless and casual look that is absolutely perfect for summer.

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