How To Make Iced Coffee May 1, 2020 09:00


Need a refreshing afternoon coffee drink? We know we do! One of our fave drinks we make in the office daily, when we aren’t quarantined, is iced coffee! Our obsession is real and if you ever get the chance to visit Impressions HQ you know it’s true. This not only keeps us focused and energized, but it’s the ultimate treat! Since we aren’t at the office we decided to let you in on our fave coffee drink that you can easily make right at home.


Freshly ground coffee beans (Onyx coffee or Breakaway Coffee roasters are our go-tos!)

Italian Sweet Cream Creamer or Dairy Free Creamer (Try the “Oatmeal Cookie” oat milk from Silk if you’re looking for something sweet!) 

Crushed Ice 


  1. First we start with fresh, whole coffee beans. Most of  the time we use the Geometry Blend from Onyx coffee or coffee beans from Breakaway Coffee roasters. We pre-measure our coffee to make just the right amount - enough to keep an entire office full of iced coffee lovers going - but you’ll likely not need as much! 

  1. Set your grinder to the desired amount. We linked a similar coffee grinder here so you can be a barista at home!

  1. Scoop a few scoops of crushed ice into a coffee pot or dispenser. You could also use a pitcher if you are making this at home. We also linked a similar dispenser here

  1. After scooping the ice into the dispenser, place the ground coffee beans into a coffee filter. 

  1. Place the coffee dispenser that is full of ice where your coffee pot would go. Set your coffee maker to start making coffee. Let the coffee pour over the ice inside the dispenser. The ice will melt, so be sure to keep a close eye on your dispenser to make sure it doesn’t overflow.

  1. After the coffee is done making, fill a glass with crushed ice. 

  1. Pour the coffee over the ice in the cup.

  1. Add a splash (or two) of your fave coffee creamer. Voila! Enjoy the best iced coffee ever! 

We hope you enjoy your iced coffee! To see a full video on how to make the iced coffee see our tik tok here


Impressions Online Team!