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OMG! Who else is missing happy hour with their girls right now?! Our team is missing our occasional after work happy hour with each other! So, in order to celebrate at home with your girls, we put together a fun list of ways to make your own happy hour at home virtually! 

Set up a link to send to your friends

Make it easy on your friends by providing a common link for them to join! You can create an event on Google Hangouts, Zoom and send them a link specifically for your video call. You can even start a FaceTime if you have everyone in a group text by clicking the arrow by everyone’s name in the group and click “FaceTime!” It’s so easy, you will want to have a weekly happy hour from now on! 

Play a virtual game

Kick off your happy hour by playing a fun game together. While your happy hour is going on, you can make it even more fun with a virtual game! We found a great virtual happy hour bingo board here! Send this to your friends and have them play along as you chat! 

Have fun cocktail recipes 

Mix up your normal happy hour with fun cocktails! It will practically feel like you’re on a patio with your best gal pals! Here are a few of our fave drinks we are currently enjoying while in quarantine! 

AP (lead photographer)

My fave wines are found at Aldi (cheap and good!)

Lately I’ve concocted a summer spritz, if you will, that I’ve been drinking on nice days—I mix moscato with peach flavored sparkling water, pour over ice, and add some strawberries to the top 

Bailey (Assistant Stylist)

My fave drink is a Tequila Sunrise and my favorite wine is Rosé!

Haley (Assistant Stylist)

My fave virtual happy hour drink to make is a mudslide!


2 parts Bailey Irish cream

2 parts Kahlua

1 part chocolate syrup

Blended with crushed ice

And voila a great cold drink on a warm day!

Ash (Owner)

Rosé Spritzer!

Dry Rosé + Splash of Elderberry Liquor + Splash of Grapefruit Juice + Top with sparkling water. Garnish with grapefruit

Ashlee (Creative Manager)

The Pink Lady Apple Health-Ade Kombucha feels like a hard cider and their Bubbly Rosé flavor is also delicious!

Meriel (Photographer)

My favorite wine is blackberry elderberry wine! I also love to put Malibu Coconut Rum with a La Croix for a little at home mixed drink.

Krystal (Stylist)

My favorite wines are Franzia fruity red sangria (over crushed ice), Justin Cabernet Sav or Freakshow Cabernet Sav. 

Kacey (Content Strategist)

When I’m not at home, I love a good margarita. But, at home I’m usually sipping on wine. My current fave is Stella Rossa Peach flavor! It’s super light for Summer! 

Hannah (Graphic Designer)

A few of my favorite go-to drinks are Barefoot Moscato! One I’ve recently loved is Bud Light Seltzer! I don’t usually like seltzers, but these are amazing!

Erin (Photographer)

Lamarca Prosecco with a Lavendar/Mint/Rosemary/Thyme Simple Syrup

A simple cocktail at home: 2 parts orange & pineapple juice, 1 part dark rum (I use Eldorado 12 year rum), juice of 1 lime, shake well! Then top with club soda or sparkling water!

Wear something fun

While you’re sipping cocktails and catching up with your best girls you’ll look fabulous in our happy hour approved looks! The Flirty Favor Ruffle Romper is such a glam option for your virtual happy hour! We have all the heart eyes for the ruffle details on this ruffled number!

We hope you enjoy your virtual happy hour with your friends! Show us your virtual happy hour by using the hashtag #athomewithimpressions! 


Impressions Online Team