How to Get and Stay Motivated September 11, 2019 15:24



Summer is slowly fading away and the Fall not only brings Pumpkin Spice Lattes but a season of getting back to busy! Today on the blog we wanted to share some of our fave tips for not only getting motivated, but staying on track! 

Put Music On

The first thing we do when trying to get motivated is we create a playlist. Working out? Make a playlist. Sitting at your desk and need that extra motivation? Make a playlist. Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Lizzo are a few artists that make the top of motivational playlists! This will get you in the mood and help you stay motivated to slay whatever task is at hand so you can,in the words of Beyonce, run the world. 

Write Down Your Goals 

Before Fall begins, sit down and write down your goals and dreams. There is something magical about getting words down onto paper or even in the notes section on your phone. This will help you stay focused and know exactly what you are working towards. Then beneath your big goals, start writing down the smaller steps needed to accomplish that goal! Think of action items you can start on immediately. Breaking your goals down like this will help you get a few small wins, quickly, which is extra motivating! 

Motivational Quotes 

Motivational quotes are fun but can also be inspiring and helpful. Place inspirational quotes anywhere you might see them on a daily basis.  Pin fun inspirational quotes on your Pinterest boards, print them out and tape them up on your cubicle at work or set them as your phone’s lock screen. This will help keep positive messages fresh on your mind throughout your day!

Have Accountability 

Whether it’s your best friend, sister or co-worker make sure you have someone who can send  you the “Did you work out today?” text or something similar! This helps on days when you just aren’t feeling it. If you aren’t sure where to begin, try joining a community workout or yoga class. This can be a great way to meet people and also keeps you accountable to yourself because you know you paid for the class and need to show up for you! Also, you’re more likely to stick to your big goals and dreams when you know you have someone out there rooting for you!

Buy a Planner 

Getting back to busy can seem boring and not exciting. But, buying a new planner can make these transitions a little more exciting! A lot of planners come with fun stickers and pens and are perfectly curated to inspire, whether you consider yourself creative or not! . A new planner always feels like a fresh start, and there’s nothing better than to check in and give yourself one before one of the busiest seasons. Planners can also keep you super organized and help you stay accountable towards all of your biggest goals. A few of our favorite brands of planners include the Day Designer, and Erin Condren! P.S. don’t forget to schedule in a little time for fun and self care!

We hope this helps you get and stay motivated! Tell us in the comments how you stay motivated! Be sure to tag us @shopimpressions and use the hashtag #shopimpressions for a chance to be featured on our instagram! 


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