Ashlee’s Best Tips For Transitioning Back To Work May 15, 2020 14:51

It’s about that time...the time to start heading back into the office after several months of quarantining! Just because we’ve all been itching to get “back to normal” doesn’t mean jumping right back into your old routine won’t be daunting or easy, well, at least at first! Since I have the privilege of managing the Impressions Creative Team - I started gathering up some tips for how to come back into ImpressionsHQ feeling confident, ready, supported, and maybe even excited! I’m so happy to share these with you and hope that it will make your own transition back into the office a successful one!

Start Slowly

This is no need to rush back into the office all at once, especially if your office is allowing you flexibility or has a predetermined future date scheduled to return to the office that is still a few days or weeks (or even months) away! If you are able, partake in a modified schedule and do what feels good for you and your focus, workflow, etc! Even a few days or half days back into the office as you get closer to being back full time can really help make the transition more seamless! If your work does not currently have any flexibility when it comes to modified schedules, this may be an opportunity to communicate with management and get the conversation going!

Practice Waking Up Earlier

If you’re anything like me you have been waking up about 15ish minutes before it’s time to get to work (#noshame). Do your best to remember when you used to wake up for a “normal day” at the office and then try to start slowly heading back in that direction, even if you’re still electing to work from home. Try waking up 10-15 minutes earlier per day until you’re back to waking up around your normal time. Same goes for getting in bed at night. If you’re a night owl, try winding down 10-15 minutes earlier each night leading up so that you can wake earlier!

Dress Comfy

I know I can’t be the only one who has enjoyed staying in comfier clothes than I would normally wear to the office for the past two months! Try styling your favorite “comfy” pieces in new ways. For example, you can dress up satin or printed PJ pants with a blouse and a chunky neutral heel for a look that’s comfortable and chic. You can take your go-to graphic tee and pair it with a blazer for an easy upgrade. Pair a neutral bodysuit with a printed skirt or trouser for an effortless look! There are endless possibilities.

Here are some other easy and suggested swaps:

- Swap jeans for tailored joggers or leggings

- Swap slippers for slip-on sandals, slides, or flats

- Swap going braless for a cute bralette or wire-free t-shirt bra

- Swap your favorite snuggly robes for a cozy cardigan or pullover

Reimagine Your Workspace

Take a little piece of your home / home office with you, especially if it’s cuter and better suits your style than your current office workspace! Reimagine your desk area as a cozy little sanctuary…a home away from home. Transitioning back into the office is the perfect time for a little mini desk makeover. 

 Here are some ideas:

  • Cozy throws 
  • Plants (even faux plants can help boost your mood!)
  • Crystals
  • New art prints
  • Whiteboard or pinboard
  • Candle (if allowed) or diffusers 
  • Light of some sort (small desk lamp, battery powered tea lights, or string lights).
  • Personal photos in chic frames
  • Drawer dividers for organization

If you have a stricter office setting or have to share an area with someone else, here are some ideas that can instantly boost your mood without compromising office rules:

  • New planner or desk calendar
  • Mousepad with a fun print 
  • Contact paper for the inside of your desk drawers
  • Chic pen/pencil holder and file system
  • Change out your computer background
  • A fun water bottle (marble, leopard, tie-dye, customized, or just in your favorite color) for a chic way to stay hydrated at your desk all day!

Be Healthy

These are still uncertain times and the goal is to continue to be healthy! I’m sure your office will have regular cleaning supplies available, but I would still encourage you to be vigilant and bring anything you feel will help you feel more comfortable. Ideas include: hand sanitizer, your own soap, wipes, face masks (bonus points if it’s leopard print!), etc. Also, as a general rule, continue to wash your hands, practice social distancing as best as possible, avoid coming to the office if you are feeling unwell, and follow any policies your work or state has set forth for safety! 

There you have it - my absolute best tips for getting ready to transition back into the office from the WFH life! Hopefully, this short guide will help you feel excited and empowered to head back into the office refreshed and ready! 



Creative Manager 

Impressions Online Boutique