Introducing Our Contest Winners! January 14, 2014 14:36

Huge congratulations to Caroline Allen, Rachael Buzek, and Nikki Enriquez! Each of these girls won a $300 giftcard to by leaving a review on our Facebook page!

Below are each of their amazing reviews of Impressions! 

Caroline Allen (Alabama): 5 stars isn't enough to show my LOVE for Impressions Boutique!! Where do I even begin??! Saying this is my favorite boutique is an UNDERSTATEMENT, I am obsessed!! I promise you, Impressions is the most outstanding boutique you will ever come across. From AMAZING customer service to flawless clothing and accessories, Impressions NEVER me!! Both online at and In-store, Impressions is THE BEST. SHIPPING IS SO FAST! I check their website multiple times a day, frome great deals to fabulous new arrivals trust me you'll become obsessed too! I personally believe that customer service is the most important quality that a bsiness holds, with that being said, Impressions customer service is truly WONDERFUL. Every person that works for Impressions goes above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy :) The web styore manager, Claire, is so sweet! She is always so helpful and always willing to help in any way. I have been a customer for a while now and I just have to say that I am so proud of the Impressions team, and how much they have grown as an in-store boutique and an online boutique!! I appreciate the hard work that each of the Impressions employees give everyday in order to make sure customers like me are satisfied! :) I tell everyone I know about Impressions, becuase I know they will fall in love with Impressions just as much as I do! I could talk for days about how amazing Impressions is..:) but in short terms, thank you Impressions for being such an incredible place to shop, and thanks so much for making such a "IMPRESSION" on me, and my closet haha :) LOVE LOVE THIS BOUTIQUE!

Rachael Buzek (Cincinnati): I should be ashamed to tell you that the first thing I've done every morning for over a year is check the Impressions website, Facebook, or Instagram to check out the new arrivals...but I'm not. Impressions Boutique has a selection you just can't find anywhere else that is perfect for literally any girl, all at reasonable prices. I will forever rave and shop at Impressions Boutique - all the way in Cincinnati! Thank you!

Nikki Enriquez (California):  I found Impressions on Pinterest back in 2012 and fell in love with the store!! I'm from Riverside, CA and we don't have anything compared to Impressions out here. I always get so many compliments when I wear my outfits from Impressions! Customer service is also great! If I ordered an item online and it wasn't in stock. I would get a friendly phone call to let me know that my money was refunded and if there was anythign that they could do to help me. I not only love your store, but so do my pay checks! :) If I could, I'd move to Arkansas just to be closer!

Thanks to all who submitted reviews. We have the best customers ever! Xoxoxo