How to: Year-Round Beachy Hair August 13, 2015 14:15

Hello loves!
Beachy waves and curls have been a major trend this summer and we are absolutely in love. This fun hairstyle not only has us dreaming of the beach, but it's also easy on your hair. Our lovely model and marketing specialist, Michaela, loves switching to this easy style to give her hair a break from the heat of her curling iron. We're here today to show you just exactly how she get this effortlessly beachy look and makes it work year-round!

Of course, inspiration comes from our favorite twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Honestly, how perfect are they on this cover Allure with no make-up and perfectly messy hair? Very.

Michaela starts her process the night before to give her hair plenty of time to crimp the way she wants it. Before braiding, Michaela uses sea salt spray to add texture and help the style form and stay in place and she uses Big Sexy mousse to add strength.

With either dry or slightly damp hair, start off with a french braid. Depending how loose you want the waves, you can do one or two braids. If you don't know how to french braid, normal braids work just fine! For a last-minute morning option, you can blowdry your hair, then braid it while it's still warm and leave the braids for a few hours for a similar effect.
(Note: the longer you leave your braids, the longer they will last!)

Just before shooting, Michaela takes her braids out and makes small adjustments. She  spritzes more sea salt spray in to add more texture to help it stay in place.

, she will add a few curls in places where the braids didn't quite cover as much hair as she would have liked.
She finishes her routine with Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play hairspray. After these few steps, your [almost] heat-free style is ready to show off with your late summer/early fall wardrobe!

We hope this tutorial is helpful to give your hair a break from heat. We love how this style is perfect for a summery beach wave look and can easily transition into a fall boho look, simply based on whatever colors you choose to wear!

Until next time...