Tips for Decorating Your Home Office April 17, 2020 16:09



Working from home might mean that you’re wearing leggings more to the office than usual, but it doesn’t mean you can’t create a space where you can be both productive and inspired. One of our number one tips from Impressions HQ when it came to working from home was to set up a designated space for work that you feel creative in! ! Whether you’re creating a space in your apartment or making a makeshift home office in your spare bedroom, we’ve got the latest tips to help you create the ultimate home office space! 

Mood lighting

Lighting can really set the mood in a room. When you’re at home, you want to create a bright and calm space. Adding the right lighting can really do the trick! Try setting up your desk next to a window to get in all that natural sunlight. For artificial light, we recommend adding a salt lamp to create a soft glow in your space. Salt lamps are not only stylish but they also promote positive energy and help clear the air of allergens. String lights are also a fun and easy addition to quickly add in your space! Try hanging your lights vertically, like our graphic designer Hannah does in her space above, for an updated and grown up way to rock string lights! Needing more zen? We also suggest adding in diffuser with your fave essential oils for the ultimate calming effect!  What more could you want?! 


Since most of us are getting limited time outside right now, bring the outside in and freshen your room with plants. We love succulent plants and large house plants to bring in a little life. Our two best tips when it comes to plants is to add in plants who thrive in low-light and are pet safe! Check your local plant nursery to see if they do deliveries or curbside during this time! We also love mixing in cute faux plants if you don’t have access to a plant nursery right now or need something absolutely foolproof! Our assistant photographer, Meriel, shows off her plants in her cozy workspace above!

Add in art work

What better way to spruce up your space than to add in artwork?! We love getting art prints from Society6! They offer a variety of modern art, photography, design, and unique illustration options. You can also look at Etsy for must-have signs and custom art pieces! Both of these sites support artists from all over the world. So it’s a win, win! If you’re not wanting to spend money on new artwork for a temporary space, we recommend looking at artwork or decor you have in your home already. You can just move it to your home office temporarily so it makes the space more special! It also is the perfect time to make your very own art. Search easy DIYs on Pinterest or Instagram to get inspired. 

Home/Work Separation

If you’re having a hard time stepping away from the computer because you’re loving your new home office on the couch or in your bed - this tip is for you! Home and work separation can feel like a challenge, but if you’re struggling, maybe try moving your office from your living room to a separate space. If you live in a house, you could move your home office into a spare bedroom. If you’re in an apartment and tight on space, you could use the corner in your bedroom and add a lamp and chair for a cozy and comfortable space to work temporarily during the day. We love the solution our lead photographer, AP, came up with in her space to help keep some work/life balance. A simple white fold out table and a little styling help take a small corner of her room and turn it into a workspace that works for her!

We hope these tips help you work from home in the best way possible! Again, we are so grateful for your continued support during this time! We encourage you to shop our latest loungewear so you can look great and feel even better while you’re working from home too! 


The Impressions Online Team