Summer Sets June 18, 2016 10:01

The first official day of summer is quickly approaching, and we're so excited! Summer concerts, farmer's markets, and lake days, oh my! We're carrying our favorite spring trend into summer with us. With the convenience of a romper and the freedom of a separate top and bottom, sets are our summer go-to. Mix or match these sets to turn heads at any summer event.

Summer weather can be intimidating when it comes to venturing outdoors, but whether we are outside for a few minutes or all day, sets are the stylish alternative to Nike shorts and an athletic tank (although we love that combo for lazy days). Sets, like rompers and dresses, give the illusion that you tried really hard to make a cute outfit, when in fact, it's an already styled outfit. Every girl wants an effortlessly chic go-to.

Whether you're going for a bike ride with your bestie, fueling your addiction at your favorite coffee shop, traveling to see your favorite band at a summer music festival, sets will be your new go-to for any outing.

Summer temps inspired us to have an outing at our local park with fresh flowers and a bike ride--and of course, styled to perfection. Come along with us on our adventure!

This is just one of our faves. Shop more sets here!
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