Impressions HQ: Ashlee July 5, 2019 09:00


Blog Takeover Questionnaire

Name: Ashlee (but everyone around here calls me “EE”)

What is your job title at Impressions Online Boutique?

I’m the Creative Manager

What is your favorite part of your job?

Honestly, the people and the clothes! I love working with a team of highly creative and smart individuals. I love getting to touch so many parts of the creative process, from shoots to social media! I’m a former graphic designer, so I especially love getting to review our email marketing and website updates! 

How do you drink your coffee? 

I usually take my coffee Black these days, but I’m a former creamer addict.

How would you describe your personal style? 

My personal style is ever-changing, but I think I really enjoy pieces that are both beautiful and really comfortable. I like staples - a good chambray shirt, a soft v-neck, a printed wrap dress, and the perfect fitting pair of denim. I also LOVE shoes and fun jewelry, so I usually add personality to more basic pieces that way!

What is your go-to item/product (in general) for Summer?

Coola face sunscreen! I love that it is reef safe, is made with organic ingredients, is non-toxic, wears well under makeup, and actually works. SPF is so important, especially in the summer! It’s the first SPF product I seriously thought I could commit to wearing on the daily and have stuck with.

What are you currently wearing that you’re so obsessed with?

It’s gotta be the gold bracelet I had our graphic designer, Emily, hand-stamp for me around Christmas time. The bracelet has the names of my fiance` and our two cats on it and I love it so much. The letters are perfectly imperfect and it makes me smile every single day.

Going anywhere fun this Summer?

I’m going to Hawaii on my Honeymoon this August and I cannot wait!

Where do you get your style inspo from? 

I get a lot of outfit inspo from all the usual places - Pinterest, bloggers on insta, etc. BUT I also gather a lot of inspiration from nature, museums, artwork I like, history, and the people I see in person everyday. It is a million more times exciting to see an outfit put together by someone you know or that you see up close and personally. It makes the styling, no matter how different, seem possible!

What is something you can’t live without? 

Sweet tea and good ranch. Y’all know what I mean.

What is your favorite Podcast right now? 

It’s a tie! I love the Goal Digger podcast w/ Jenna Kutcher. She’s incredibly relatable and gives some of the best business advice around. I always feel inspired and like a #bossbabe after one of those episodes. My other favorite, just-for-fun, podcast is called Potterless. It’s about a twenty-something guy who has never read Harry Potter who is finally reading through the books and gives his takeaways chapter by chapter. It’s like re-reading the book without any effort and with the benefit hilarious commentary. 

What is your favorite purchase from Impressions Online? 

Ugh, this is not helpful since I’m pretty sure these things are sold out...however, this has been my favorite dress purchase and my favorite shoe purchase.

An item I recently bought was the Everything Nice Leopard Headband. I love all the knotted headbands that have been in style recently and this particular one just felt special. It’s made really well and adds some extra oomph to any basic outfit. 


Thanks for reading our fun questionnaire! We can't wait for you to meet more of the team through our blog takeovers! Be on the lookout for more blog posts from our team coming soon!