Our Top 3 Easy Summer Hairstyles July 10, 2015 14:30

Hello lovelies!

We all love summer, but it can be a busy time for everyone. Sometimes, we don't always want to spend a lot of time doing our hair. We have priorities: laying out in the sun, shopping, and sand volleyball to name a few. We also know summer weather can be very unpredictable. Rain and humidity are our enemies and second-day hair becomes a norm this time of year. Our #impressionsfam has been experimenting and we wanted to share our favorite go-to summer hairstyles! Although, adding a couple extra bobby pins for added support is never out of the question.  After all, aren't they everywhere? Fishtail braids, high ponies, and a headband hair twist are our go-to faves for humidity and second-day hair!

Let's start easy. The high pony is a classic for a reason. It can be dressed up or down so easily! We like to use the clear hair ties, found at any Walmart, Target, or drug store. They're super cheap, don't distract from the hairstyle, and are surprisingly sturdy. To dress up a high pony, we like to twist a small piece of hair around the clear hair tie (as shown below.) This small detail adds just enough to make it look like you tried really hard on your hair. We love our Buddy Love pom pom dresses.  Paired with statement earrings, this pony adds an instantly classic look. The orange bold print dress is currently sold out, but we have this same Searching for Sunshine caftan dress style in a neon floral print that is to die for and statement earrings to match.
This next style is a little more tricky, but so cute and totally worth learning! Fish tail braids are for a more casual look, but can also be dressed up with your favorite LBD. Start with two even sections of hair. Take a piece from the bottom of one side, cross over the top of that side and add it to the bottom of the opposite side. Continue this process all the way toward the end of the thickest part of your braid. We like to tie the braid a little earlier than normal. After you've done this, you can now thicken up the braid by gently pulling out small sections and separating the strands. Do this carefully. It's always easier to pull a little less than you want at first than to re-do the whole braid. Again, we like to use clear hair ties as to not distract from the braid. Pair this hair style with one of our baseball tees for a sporty chic vibe. This style can be worn as is or add a little pizzaz to second-day hair under a hat.

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It's no secret we are obsessed with flower crowns this summer! Whether you're going to music festivals, farmer's markets, or just around town, they add a boho chic vibe to any outfit. Our  Flowers in My Hair Headband has several different color flowers, making it that much more versatile! Match with white, black, yellow, pink, and even multicolor dresses to add a girly flare. We especially love that this flower crown ties in the back to properly adjust to every girl who puts it on. Wear it by itself with your hair down or try this fun hair twist to show off fun back details of your outfit!
Position the crown where it feels most comfortable, then tuck in the sides of your hair first, for security. After that, just simply roll up and tuck your hair into the band until all your hair is nicely tucked in for an instant boho chic look. If you don't have a back mirror, be sure to feel for any gaps in your hair. This hairstyle is perfect to show off the back detail of our  Wish Me Luck Watercolor Maxi Dress.
Summer is our favorite time for fun prints and patterns. We hope these hairstyles help add a little something to your already fabulous summer wardrobe!