Adventure Awaits: Behind the Scenes October 14, 2014 09:43

Last Monday we took a drive out to Lincoln Lake in Lincoln, Arkansas. This breathtaking park was the ideal location for our Adventure Awaits shoot. The stunning overlooks and beautiful scenery left our team speechless. What could be better for a fall shoot? Aside from the picture perfect location, we had the opportunity to work with an incredible videographer and photographer. Daniel and Trent (the dynamic duo that makes up Blk Elk Media) helped us take this lookbook to the next level. Their eye for detail and critical thinking captured every moment perfectly. 
Our vision for Adventure Awaits? Inspire to always seek an adventure. Our active and lively Fayetteville vibe is near and dear to our hearts, we wanted to embrace that feeling and share it with our customers. Both the backdrop and the clothing created that warm, adventurous fall feeling. 






Step outside the box this fall. Don't be afraid to rock a fur vest or funky poncho. Fashion is an adventure!

Be sure to watch our AMAZING behind the scenes video!



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