Motivational Monday! March 10, 2014 13:56

It's Monday and we'd all rather pull the sheets over our faces than come into contact with the outside world. Hang in there - we think we have found a cure! Flip on the coffee maker, throw on your tennies and head out the door. The temps are rising and Monday is NOT going to win this fight!

We decided to generate a little list of easy outdoor activities, certain to put a smile on even the most anti-Monday faces. Sure they might sound cheesy, but you'd be surprised what a little sunshine can do for your well-being. If you're a real go-getter, select your favorites from the list and create your own Spring/Summer 2014 checklist! 

Plant something!

And by something, we mean anything! Flowers are an obvious option, but if you're after more of a thrill, we suggest planting veggies or fruits.  

Research local berry farms & orchards!

Not a fan of gardening, but crave the freshest foods? Many farms allow guests to stop by and pick their own produce! Find your new recipe, stop by the orchard and impress the fam with a farm-fresh (and certainly delish) meal!

Take a swing at the nearest driving range!

Putt-putt golf? Tsk, tsk. Put your big-girl pants on and get ready to impress the boys! Driving ranges are cheap, laid-back and often relaxing. No matter your skill level, golfing is a fabulous way to let off some steam.

Kick back at the drive-in movie theatre!

Fight your urge to giggle - we promise they still exist! Most drive-ins only feature two or three current films, but have a great overall atmosphere. Grab some snacks and your coziest quilt and drive on over!

Go go-karting!

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Go-karts never fail to bring out our inner speed-demon. Challenge your beau or your besties to a little competition for a ton of fun!

Eat at your fave local cafe…outside!

Sipping tea and indulging can be fun…but try doing these outside on a lunch break! You might be surprised by the local eateries that have quaint little patios. Sure, grab a cocktail while you're at it (we promise we won't tell!)

Find a NEW walking trail!

While local parks and fitness facilities do the trick, new surroundings are ideal for increasing motivation and peaking curiosity. What are you waiting for? It's time to hit the trails!