How To Hair: Half-Up Fishtail May 31, 2016 08:13

Warmer temps are calling us outdoors, whether it's promenade shopping with your girls or happy hours patio drinks after work. Day-to-night transition outfits can be a challenge within themselves, but what to do about your hair? By the end of the day, hair tends to just flatten out and give up on the rest of the day, no matter who you are. Once summer hits and patio drinks are on the calendar, flat hair just won't do! Spray a little dry shampoo on those locks and try this hairstyle for a fresh and relaxed look!

Step 1: Tease hair
Step 2: Separate the top section of your hair into two sections
Step 3: Take a small piece from the outer edge of one piece
Step 4: Cross the small strand over its larger section and add it to the underneath of the opposite section
Step 5: Repeat with a small piece from the opposite side
Step 6: Repeat until you almost run out of usable hair
Step 7: Tie hair a little further than where the braid ends
Step 8: Pull apart the braid to create a more full effect
Step 9: Rock your fresh new style!

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