Meet Our Most Versatile Maxi Yet! May 4, 2016 13:41

Hey babes!

We have officially found our favorite and most versatile maxi EVER, and we couldn't wait to share it with you! Meet our Sweet Serendipity Multi-Wear Maxi Dress. We currently have this dress in three colors, and we'll be getting more very soon! This dress is perfect for bridesmaids, wedding guests, Greek formal, date night, and so many more occasions! The convertible top makes for endless possibilities, but we have styled just a few of our favorites to give you a taste of just how amazing this maxi is!

For a simple and chic look, we simply tied the back into a bow and let it drape effortlessly down the back of the dress. The material on the straps is fairly weighty, so this simple style is actually more secure than you might think. The open back is flirty, perfect for date night, or drinks with your girls!

Our next style wraps the straps around the neck to cross in the back, then crosses again in the front to tie in the back. This style is perfect for a night where you might be more mobile like dancing the night away at a wedding or a Greek formal.

This look is similar to the previous look except the straps go straight back, then cross in the front to tie in the back. Here, we tied a simple knot for a more elegant back to the dress. This style is more formal, and it's perfect for a spring gala or charity event.

For a more modest approach, repeat the steps from the previous look, then simply separate the fabric to drape off the shoulders. In this look, the back is still exposed, but it keeps the elegance of the dress while covering the shoulders for a more modest formal look. Add a sparkling clutch and heels to create a look that is sure to impress.

This final look is a bit more flirty with the twists of the fabric. Tie the fabric around itself as if you're tying a knot to start the twist, then individually twist each strand and wrap in the front to tie in the back. Wear your hair in a flirty up-do to highlight the detail of the wrapping.

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