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Home and Spa Accessories

The beauty routine of a true fashionista doesn't begin or end with her closet: it's also in the little things, like skincare, hydration, and sleep. We want you to feel just as beautiful when you're lounging around the house as you do when you get dressed up to go out; that's why we created our line of boutique lifestyle accessories.

Our first category of home and spa accessories involves hair care. Many women battle frizzy hair every day, especially if they have thick, curly hair or live in an area with a lot of humidity. We made our satin pillowcases and microfiber hair/pillow towels so that you can sleep, lounge, and do your nightly skincare routine without fear of cotton irritating and drying out those luscious strands of yours. Use our microfiber towels after you get out of the shower. Strap one of our pillow towels onto your pillow while you lay around and dry off. When your hair is dry, and you're ready to sleep, get cozy on one of our silky satin pillowcases, which are also good for protecting your skin.

Don't let another night go by without two of our most important skin-related boutique lifestyle accessories:

a satin sleep eye mask and an ice facial roller. The luxurious fabrics in our satin sleep eye masks are designed to care for your skin and help you sleep comfortably, not to mention make you look very chic. Meanwhile, our ice roller is your new at-home facial! It helps to de-puff and brighten the skin under your eyes, calms inflammation and redness caused by breakouts, and even helps to alleviate sore muscles, tension, and headaches. You definitely need one of these in your at-home spa kit!

You can have all the home and spa accessories in the world, but if you're not keeping yourself hydrated, it's all for nothing. We have ceramic and travel mugs, stemless wine cups, can and bottle coolers, and--most importantly--water bottles! So drink up!

Have any questions or concerns about our boutique lifestyle accessories? Don't hesitate to give us a call or send us a text, and we'll be happy to help.

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