Standing with an Army August 18, 2016 10:38


Drop and give me twenty-LIKES-that is! ;) Thumbs are all the way UP on these classic layering gems! What makes a girl gravitate towards army inspired fashion? Is it the chic and casual comfort? Is it because we automatically seem more put together with our bomber jacket? Does it make the weekend feel more adventurous, a thrill? Whatever it may be, the chic twist on this uniform fashion won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

Not only does Ellie Goulding’s top chart song, ‘Standing with an Army’ have quite the relatable chorus, we like to think her catchy lyrics help us understand the combination of fashion and feeling. Above all, we’ve shown off a few of our favorite lifestyle takes on this lovable trend. Pair that olive hue with any neutral and jean, or throw it over your preferred elegant piece to show amp up your edgy side. 

The choice is yours, get it girl!!!



Kendall and Gigi are the perfect duo for more than a million drooling reasons, so we might as well praise their army efforts too. The bomber is an essential. Enough said.

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