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Hey Babes! Today on the blog we wanted to let you in on a little bit of the magic behind Impressions Online and get to know our team! This week's blog post features our two amazing Photography Interns! Kimberly and Meriel do everything from editing photos to assisting at photoshoots! We couldn’t do it without them!

Names: Kimberly & Meriel

What is your job title at Impressions Online Boutique?

K - I am a full-time photography assistant intern.
M - I’m a photography assistant intern!

What is your favorite part of your job?

K - I absolutely love the Creative team and the group of girls I get to work with everyday!
M - I love working with the other members of the creative team--they are so fun! I also love the opportunity to work on my own photo shoots and be part of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making Impressions happen. It’s a team effort for sure, and we all work so hard.

How do you drink your coffee?

K - Black. I’m an old soul. :)
M - Black! But, if I feel like treating myself, an iced, oat milk vanilla latte is the way to go.

How would you describe your personal style?

K - I’m a big fan of interchangeable pieces. Neutrals, stripes, denim, and the occasional fun colored midi dress. My ultimate wardrobe goal is to one day have a capsule closet. I’m not quite there yet. ;)
M - Oh man, definitely vintage and neutral, with pops of color here and there. I love wearing vintage dresses or crop-tops with a pair of trousers.

What is your go-to item/product (in general) for Summer?

K - Cutie black sandals. They go with anything!
M - Probably my rose-hip oil! I’ve incorporated into my skin care routine, and it helps with moisturizing and keeping my face even toned during the summer months.

What are you currently wearing that you’re so obsessed with?

K - Recently I’ve purchased a precious periwinkle midi dress. It’s got big buttons up the front and killer sleeves. Totally a 90’s Hilary Clinton moment.
M - I got this black crop top over the weekend from my fave vintage shop, and I’M OBSESSED. It’s so cute and soft and literally will go with everything.

Going anywhere fun this Summer?

K - Yes! My husband and I are getting ready to head to Colorado Springs for a week!
M - I’m going to freaking HARRY POTTER WORLD in July, and I’m so excited!

Where do you get your style inspo from?

K - Typically whatever speaks to me in the store. :)
M - Mainly from what makes me feel happy, confident, and myself. I look at pinterest and instagram for inspo, but mostly I am inspired by what makes me feel best when I wear it. If I’m self conscious or unsure when I put on a piece of clothing, I don’t buy it. I’m a big advocate for wearing what makes you feel good and confident--because us women are strong and powerful and beautiful! You deserve to wear what makes you feel good.

What is something you can’t live without?

K - My hottie hubby and our adorable Goldendoodle pup, Leia.
M - My orange cat Milo and black coffee.

What is your favorite Podcast right now?

K - “That Sounds Fun,” by Annie F. Downs! Who wouldn’t love a podcast with that name?!
M - “Radiolab,” by WNYC Studios. They discuss different, super interesting and sometimes obscure topics. I learn something new every time!

What is your favorite purchase from Impressions Online?

M - Probably the Fields In Florence Floral Midi in Mustard! I love floral patterns and dresses!


Thanks for reading our fun qeustionnare! We can't wait for you to meet more of the team! Be on the lookout for more blog takeovers coming soon! 




Kimberly + Meriel