Last Thing's First May 14, 2015 14:11

This summer we are obsessed with any and every accessory on the market.  We’re wearing flash tats, earrings, and bracelets galore!  When we can’t decide what to wear, we find it easier to start with accessories and move backwards. On a normal day it can be pretty routine to put on a top with leggings and call it good. Let’s be honest...sometimes your closet is overflowing and you still have nothing to wear. It’s just easier to throw on your favorite jewelry or shoes, then pick out the rest of your outfit. It’s an easy way to see what vibe you’re really feeling that day: boho, sophisticated, or maybe casual, which requires no jewelry at all (but that’s not what we’re here to talk about).

Let’s start with flash tats.  We love these simple arm (ankle or shoulder) candies because they stay on for about a week.  You never have to take them off to put them back on!  The shiny silver or gold instantly glams up any outfit: casual, boho, or sophisticated.  We loved using these in our summer lookbook shoot last week. When styled with shorts, dresses and rompers, flash tats are this summer’s go-to summer accessory!
{Metallic Tattoo $21.99}
Stackable bracelets are another staff fave.  Pair our {Bella Vita} and {Blissful Day} bracelets for an instant boho look.  Tassels are all over Pinterest right now.  We love layering these fun bracelets with flash tats for a little extra sparkle.  Each set comes with seven coordinating bracelets, so dressing up your wrists is easy!
{Bella Vita Bracelet $12}
{Blissful Day Bracelet $12}

Neons are another fashion must this summer.  Our {Soho Sandal in Neon Peach} is the perfect summer shoe to build from toe to head.  We loved using these in our Here Comes to Sun summer photo shoot because they’re so bright and instantly brighten up any outfit.  Pair these fun shoes with our {Faded Denim Cutoff Shorts} and any basic top to keep everyone’s attention on these flirty shoes. The loose faux leather is comfortable and your feet will certainly thank you.
{The Soho Sandal in Neon Peach $24}
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